The Allen County Courthouse is viewed from the northeast corner of Main Street and Clinton Street that includes the Allen County Courthouse, the lawn, and the Lincoln Tower in downtown Fort Wayne

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Christopher M. Nancarrow is a county elected official who serves as an officer of the court and the manager of court information

The Clerk of the Circuit and Superior Courts is a county elected official who serves as an officer of the court and the manager of court information.

The Clerk administers the official court records for all trial court cases with jurisdiction in Allen County, prepares the permanent historical records for the courts, processes and issues various documents for court cases, and is responsible for more than $90 million in financial transactions annually.

The Clerk also serves as a member of the Election Board.

Christopher M. Nancarrow

Clerk of the Allen Circuit & Superior Courts, IN

The State of Indiana has 92 counties and each county is served by a Clerk of the Court. The Clerk is an elected official who may serve up to two successive four year terms. In 2019, Christopher M. Nancarrow began his first elected term. He brings with him over seven years of experience as the former Chief Deputy Clerk of the Court. He is also the first attorney to serve as the Clerk of the Court in Allen County. 

In addition to managing a staff of over 50 employees and processing over $90 million per year in financial transactions, the Clerk is also responsible for assisting the Allen Circuit and Superior Courts with processing more than 60,000 new cases per year. 

The Clerk’s duties related to court case processing are broad but include making entries on the Chronological Case Summary and ensuring financial transactions are properly administered for both the Courts and the litigants. The Clerk’s financial obligations include the collection and distribution of both child support payments and court-related judgments, as well as the collection of fees and fines related to criminal and traffic matters.

Serving on the Allen County Election Board is also a fundamental function of the Clerk. The Election Board ensures compliance with various elections laws for Allen County. 

Duties of the Clerk

Receipt filing fees, fines, and costs for all court cases

Collect and disburses child support payments

Collect court costs and disburse judgment monies

Process marriage applications and issue marriage licenses

Generate notices for jury duty

Prepare certified copies of documents

Issue various court documents including arrest warrants, commitments, jailer’s releases, protective orders, service of process, and writs

Maintain the Judgment Docket and Record of Judgments and Orders

Oversee maintenance and microfilming of court records

File and process new cases for Civil, Criminal, Family Relations, Probate, and Small Claims Divisions